Your husband needs to sign the “presumed father” section of the same form. I've done several of these type cases and I … Tben file payernity fraud against the mothe. The form says that he is not the father of your child. If she won’t sign, you could take the matter to court and apply for a Parental Responsibility Order (see our article on Your Separated Father's Rights), but it will generally only be given if the court believes it’s better than not granting an order.. You’d also be very well advised to have her put in writing that’s she giving you custody of your son. If this is your situation, then you probably can expect to perform a legal paternity test to be performed by an Accredited lab and/or company who provide legally accredited DNA testing services like IDTO DNA Test Center. They're going to look at you for child support. All Topics Topic Law Family Law » What if you sign the birth certificate and you are not the father tuckern Posts: 1, ... What if you sign the birth certificate and you are not the father. His signing indicates he’s agreeing to paternity and the legal responsibility of being a father, meaning the obligation of paying child support. My son signed the birth certicate of the child he thought was his, but after the dna test proved he isn't, how can he go about taking his name off the cetificate? Make sure you have valid proof with a DNA. Therefore, regardless if the man is the biological father or not, he has legally established himself as the father. Those documents need to indicate the date of birth, parents name and other relevant information. Those documents need to indicate the date of birth, parents name and other relevant information. Note that you still have to prove that a birth certificate is not available. When a man signs the birth certificate, he is acknowledging he is the legal and biological father of the child. You can get it from the Department of Revenue (DOR) or from the Probate and Family Court. But if you suspect the child is not yours an attorney can bring the matter before the court to request DNA testing and disavow the child if DNA proves that you are not the father. When the child was born I signed the birth certificate. i live in florida i need to find out what i need to do; can you help me.

There is no guarantee that you'll be removed from the birth record. A non father has up to years. Now I am not sure he is. Signing the birth certificate makes you the "legal father". If your husband does not sign the form, then legally he is the father and he has to support your child. One of the most frequently growing reasons for changing a name on a birth certificate is due to having the wrong biological father on the birth certificate. She has filed for child support and the court will not give me a reguest for paternity because I signed the birth certificate. i don't understand what forms I need to get to file for paternity test.

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