Also, if you want to find something new, you have to push the energy frontier to the very edge, and currently this means studying the top quark. 1 summarizes the tt production cross-section measurements from both the Tevatron and LHC. Top-Quark (t) – Directly found 1995/96, but eagerly awaited since long to complete the SM – t-Quark is astonishingly heavy (m(t) ≈ 40 x m(b)) Connected to new physics beyond SM ?
The most recent measurement from DØ [20], combining the measurements from the dilepton and lepton plus jets final states in 9.7 fb−1, is 7.73±0.13±0.55 pb. As such, the top quark's properties are extensively studied as a means to discriminate between competing theories of … In addition, it is the only quark whose Yukawa coupling to the Higgs boson is order of unity. A simple model is used in which hadronization becomes important when the top quarks are separated from one another by more than a distance Λ -1 , of order 1 fm. The top-quark mass is a parameter of paramount importance in particle physics, playing a crucial role in the electroweak precision tests and in the stability of the Standard Model vacuum. The relative rates of top quark hadronization and decay are investigated for the reaction e + e -→ t overlinet. The top quark is so uniquely heavy, physicists want to make sure that everything about it is exactly as predicted. Figure 4. Top production on the 2’ resonance will then lead to quasi-exclusive final states consisting of two top hadrons plus at most a few soft pions.

The The latter is therefore, expected to be less prone to hadronization or parton shower model-related measurements of the characteristics of the top quark. In this plot, the diagonal gray lines indicate the predicted value of the Higgs mass, given those of the W boson and top quark and various electroweak parameters. The relative rates of top quark hadronization and decay are investigated for the reaction e + e − → t t. A simple model is used in which hadronization becomes important when the top quarks are separated from one another by more than a distance Λ −1 , of order 1 fm. A top quark mass of 173.68 0.20(stat)+1.58 0.97 (syst)GeV is measured. hadronization of b quarks and the reconstruction of secondary vertices from the de-cays of b hadrons, are studied. Theory of Top Quark Physics Adrian Signer Paul Scherrer Institut 16–21 S EPTEMBER 2012, BAD HONNEF Adrian Signer, DPG 2012 – p. 1/73 .
For these reasons the top quark plays a special role in the Standard Model (SM) and in many extensions thereof. – t-Quark has a very short life time (Γ ≈ 1 GeV 10-24s (SM)) life time shorter than hadronization time (≈ 10-23s) t-Quark … Because the top quark is so massive, its properties allowed indirect determination of the mass of the Higgs boson (see § Mass and coupling to the Higgs boson below).

The masses of the top quark, W boson, and Higgs boson are related by the standard model. the decay, hadronization and fragmentation from a top quark to its final state products.

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