Taking our plates away In the UK, this means ‘piss off’. This is … This means ‘peace’. I saw in a movie several years ago, a dude was using a hand gesture that looks like the “peace” symbol, except the hand was turned 180 degrees. But what Americans often don’t realize is that standing their index finger up next to it (a reverse peace sign) is just as insulting in the U.K. Due to its historical relevance it should be particularly directed at the French and other historical enemies of the English. Which is to say, not very, by we still might punch you if we’re drunk.

Here’s John Lennon with V as a sign of peace.

Another insult is called ‘giving the finger’ and is probably the most universally understood hand gesture. Here’s Liam again showing that he can use both hands. It should not be confused with the piss-poor peace sign which is the reverse of it with the palm and fingers facing the viewer instead of the back of the hand. Hey all, sort of a dumb question. Handily, pointing an about-turned, erect middle digit up at an adversary means the same in both lands. Can you see the difference?

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