The Basics. Whereas with the original version of Monopoly Park Place was one of the most prestigious properties to own--with Monopoly City you will be striving to acquire a permit for the fancy Fortune Valley. Each district in the middle of the board has a matching space on the track; if you land on an unowned district, buy it or put it up for auction - it's up to you! The buildings are modern and 3-D, and the currency has much higher values, ranging up to five million dollars--no small change here! You can build on every turn. Monopoly listens: press the button, and say a command like, "pay rent on Marvin gardens"; Mr. In the beginning of the game Monopoly City, all players start out with $37,700,000.

Monopoly will respond and move the payment to an opponent's account. 1 money pack; 1 Trading unit; Move around the board buying districts and building a Monopoly metropolis.

Make a fortune putting up skyscrapers, schools and stadiums as you make your mark on the metropolis. 7 x 5M 2 x 1M 1 x 500k 1 x 200k I hate always having the low level cash around and just hand out the larger amounts when I am banker. Monopoly meets voice recognition: in this electronic Monopoly voice banking game, Mr. Talk, Mr. Contents[show] Publisher's Description "Build the city of your dreams in the most cosmopolitan MONOPOLY yet. Monopoly is the Banker and manages players' Money via his top hat. This amount is divided up into six $5 million bills, six $1 million bills, two $500,000 bills, two $200,000 bills, two $100,000 bills, one $50,000 bill and five $10,000 bills. But beware! Or to make it easier. Monopoly City, despite the name, is not a Monopoly Edition; it is in fact a derivative game similar in gameplay to the classic boardgame.

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