When the linkage between two genes increases, the chance of crossing over between these two are reduced and vice versa. The process of genetic linkage and crossing over are related to each other.

Crossing over is important in chromosomal mapping and it proves that the genes are arranged linearly on a chromosome. Incomplete linkage occurs due to crossing over. What is the difference between Linkage and Crossing Over? 1. Easily Learn about Crossing Over, Linkage and Genetic Mapping. Crossing over is a natural genetic recombination process occurs during the pachytene stage of the prophase I of Meiosis. Why is Mendel’s Second Law not always valid for two or more phenotypical traits of an individual? Mendel’s Second Law, or the law of the independent assortment, is valid for genes located in different chromosomes. These genes segregate independently during meiosis.

Morgan’s experiment: Crossing over: It is the exchange of segments between non-sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes. Linked Genes. • Linkage is the tendency of inheriting genes together on the same chromosome, whereas crossing over is the process of exchanging genes between homologous chromosomes. Incomplete linkage: the parental combination of 2 or more characters are not retained in the next generations.They are not closely located in the chromosome.

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