Everlast – It Ain't Easy Lyrics [Verse 1] I got a heart with a zipper and I got a scar from the stitches and I got nothin' on my hands but time I'm tryna get an upper hand Find a woman that'll understand Waiting on some kind of sign [Chorus] I know it ain't easy Sometimes waiting is the hardest part I ain't look at her, not once, just sang my song, nigga Bought her a Rolex, got her a flight back, sent her home, yeah She can't get her a text back, post my next bitch, turn off the phone, yeah Take out your phone and post my neck, bitch, focus on it, yeah I left the season to comeback with a reason I ain't say it was easy… It ain't easy, that's right It ain't easy, being me Will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free It ain't easy, being me Will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free It ain't easy, being me Will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free I can't sleep, niggaz plottin' on to kill me while I'm dreamin' Wake up sweaty and screamin', It ain't easy, being me Will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free It ain't easy, being me Will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free It ain't easy, being me Will I see the penitentiary. Lyrics to It Ain't Easy by 2Pac from the Me Against the World album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Lately been reminiscin' 'Bout … The Lyrics for Ain't Easy (THE LAUNCH) by Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine have been translated into 8 languages Baby, you're all I need Baby, you're all I see Missing the touch of your skin I want it bad, I'm on my knees Feeling you touching me Baby, it's bittersweet 'Cause I want it bad but I never thought your touch would make me bleed Hey! But no it ain't easy Till I see my niggaz free, on the block, oh It ain't easy. It ain't easy, it ain't easy It ain't easy to get to heaven when you're going down Well all the people have got their problems That ain't nothing new With the help of the good Lord We can all pull on through We can all pull on through Get there in the end Sometimes it'll take you right up and sometimes down again [CHORUS] Satisfaction, satisfaction But baby loving you ain't easy It's fire and then it's rain It's fire and then it's rain I said loving you ain't easy Baby, you're what I crave And I wouldn't wanna waste it Late at night when I need more All damn night and I need more you Take me away Take me away I said loving you ain't easy But you're doing it just the same

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