Eygon wears Morne's Set and wields Morne's Great Hammer along with the Moaning Shield.. Home » Dark Souls 3 » Divine Tome Locations. Accessible by purchasing the Grave Key from the Shrine Handmaid after giving her the Mortician's Ashes, and then entering the sewers below the Cliff Underside bonfire.. General Information. Irina from Carim disappeared from Firelink Somebody knows why the Miracle-Dealer (Irina) disappears from the Firelink shrine?! Purchase the key from the Shrine Handmaiden after handing over the Mortician’s Ashes found in the graveyard of Undead Settlement. Dark Souls 3: Irina of Carim, Eygon of Carim. An opportunity to turn things around. ". Undead Settlement - Behind a locked cell near the Giant's Tower. Description Edit. If you wish to learn Miracles in Dark Souls 3, Irina of Carim is the NPC merchant who will sell most of them to you. The broken wall is on the left, not the right, before dragonslayer. He is Linked with Irina of Carim(another NPC) so you must not kill her if you want him to be in Firelink Shrine. According to my sources, she'll turn into a firekeeper if you give her all the tomes that have light miracles in them, and then buy all the light miracles without buying any of the dark miracles. Sells Miracles, see Items Sold below. This Tome is needed to proceed with the Light Path of Irina of Carim's quest.

Irina's Ashes: Umbral ash of Irina of Carim. Dark blue hair and eyes are common in Carim. I'm at the point where irina asks me to touch her and i read if i dont touch her with eygon's gauntlets she will disappear and on youtube i saw if i touch her with the gauntlets she asks me to kill her. Dark Souls 3: Irina of Carim, Eygon of Carim. Updated April 14, 2016 by Ketchua. If you wish to learn Miracles in Dark Souls 3, Irina of Carim is the NPC merchant who will sell most of them to you. I didn't had this with my other Charackter I play and I didn't do much differently (just another class).

Divine Tomes are key items that let you learn new miracles in Dark Souls 3. Finding Her [ edit ] In order to find Irina, you must first obtain the Mortician's Ashes . The blind Irina of Carim is one of the many Characters you encounter in Dark Souls 3.

A somewhat sinister land, Carim is the origin of many unique items and entities in Dark Souls. Accepts all divine tomes, but her questline will vary accordingly. Covenant Leader of the Way of White. You can find Irina in the Undead Settlement, but first you need to obtain the Grave Key.Our walkthrough of the side areas in the Undead Settlement covers exactly how to find the Grave Key and get Irina to become a merchant in the Firelink Shrine. In the Undead Settlement, outside the tower, Eygon Of Carim is present.

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