A letter may also be required if a person applies to a state or federal assistance program. I call directory assistance for that company and compare the main number with their web site (anyone can make a web site). One way is to ask for an official letter from the employer verifying the applicant's monthly or yearly salary, as well as a summary of basic information regarding his work history. Employees may need these letters for landlords or financial institutions if they are trying to rent or purchase a home. Tenants may need proof of their residence when they enroll in school, open a bank account or apply for a loan from a lending institution. I agree it definitely takes tenacity and hard work to find a community that is suitable for one’s needs and also landlords still do semi-annually or annually income verifications. It is important to get as much information from your applicant as possible when they are filling out a rental application.

Use this simple, straightforward form to verify your potential tenant’s employment history and income. Secondly, the amount of income the proposed tenant lists on the application must match the information that his employer has on file. This request allows the employer to know that you have a legitimate reason for requesting the information—you are considering renting to this person—and it allows you to verify that the tenant works at the company and to verify their salary. If the business owner does not have personal bank account in which he deposits personal income, than the business owner's income can not be verify and therefore do not rent to this person. Firstly, the landlord must verify that the firm listed as the employer actually exists. Do you need to write or request an employment verification letter? We provide only the … This is simply a written statement from your employer letting a landlord know that you indeed work for the employer, and it states basic information about your arrangements, such as your salary and title. Many of these applicants are highly-qualified and make great tenants.

by Anonymous on July 30, 2014 @22:40 [ Reply ] Ever since I ran into this unreasonable fee I added a statement to my application that the tenant, not me, is responsible for paying the $35.00 fee. Here are some tips that make it simpler to verify self-employment income:

Also you do not want his business bank account because the business has their own expenses and as stated before the business is not signing the lease. Self-employed individuals represent a bit more of a challenge, but you can verify their income through: Bank statements. Mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit cards, new employers, landlords, public assistance, and many others all require verification of your employment.

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