How to say good night in Italian. Make new friends abroad or in your community by learning basic greetings.

Italian Translation.

1 decade ago. 1 decade ago. How do you say "goodnight and sleep well" in Italian? Key to abbreviations: inf = informal, frm = formal, sg = said to one person, pl = said to more than one person.

Buona notte! Goodnight In Italian.

Buona Sera is Good Evening. Find more words! Quindi l'ho messo a letto, rimboccato le coperte, e l'ho baciato in fronte dicendogli " Buona notte ragazzo," e sono uscito dalla stanza. 0 2 0. Please, take a … Relevance. goodnight (also: good evening)

4 years ago.


Now you want to know how to say goodbye to your newly found friends in Italy, whether for a short time or for good. bwoh-nah noht-the.

How to Say Good Night in Italian In Italian, the phrase buona notteis the standard way to articulate this wish.

Favorite Answer. buonanotte. Login to reply the answers Post; fonsecca. Login to reply the answers Post; Diane.

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Answer Save. More Italian words for good night.

I … Some of the expressions for "good night" can be used in any situation, while others are highly specific and can only be used when addressing certain people, such as family or friends.

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16 Answers. buona notte e sogni d'oro (good night and "golden dreams") 0 3 0. Pronounce the first word, "Guten" (which means "good"), like this--gooten. Sleep Well In Italian.

4 years ago.

How to say "Good night" in Italian?

Human translation is shown below. We hope this will help you to understand Italian better. Una nottata di cibo italiano is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "A night of Italian food."

How to say good night in Italian?

The next word is "Nacht" (which means "night"); the "t" is silent, it sounds like "knock," and this is where it sounds like you have peanut butter in the back of your throat because the last "k" gives a soft, yet clearly articulated sound. See comprehensive translation options on! 16 Answers. Relevance.

If you want to know how to say Good night in Italian, you will find the translation here.

Say "Good Night" in German.

4 years ago. Top one for going to bed for the night to sleep. What's the Italian translation of good night? buona notte. It is pronounced [ˌbwɔ.naˈnɔ.tːe] in the IPA transcription. Source(s): These are phrases you use when parting from others at night. good night. Favorite Answer . Buona Notte is Good Night. Click on any of the phrases that are links to hear them spoken. The pronunciation will be "OO-na NOT-tey dee TCHEE-bo EE-ta-LYA-no" in Italian.

La notte means “night,” and buona is a singular feminine form of buono– good.

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langsteacher. 1. Here is the translation and the Italian word for Good night: Buona notte Dictionary Entries near Good night.

Ingrid R. Lv 7. Good night (used after 11PM when you are leaving, either formally or informally) HELP US MAKE THIS SITE BETTER. Read on to learn 13 of the most common "good night" phrases in Russian, as well as how to pronounce them. How do you say "good night" in Italian?

As you know, when it comes to greeting others in Italian, there is more than Ciao! Here’s how to say ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ in 10 languages. Good Evening more instead of hello or goodbye in the evening. good night.

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