Define ghetto-blaster.

There are so many kids in the neighborhood with blasters that I can barely hear myself think! Translations. Boomboxes back then are the modern-day equivalent of a portable music player. See also: blaster, ghetto

Some of them included: Boombox; Jambox; Ghetto Blaster or Ghetto Briefcase; Boomblaster The sole purpose of this device is to pollute the streets with hip hop and other greasy shit noise. ghetto blaster slang A boombox; a large portable radio.

Definition of ghetto-blasters in the Idioms Dictionary. What does ghetto-blasters expression mean? blaster A shortening of "ghetto blaster," a very large radio or boombox that is usually positioned on one's shoulder. It is assumed that bypassers share the same musical taste. Boombox on Shoulder: The Trend that Started it All.

... Back in the 80s, the embodiment of the New York hip hop scene was the image of someone walking down the street with a ghetto blaster on their shoulder.

ghetto-blaster. They had several aliases. Shoulder Bag Ghetto Blaster by Dirk Winkel By Yanko Design 06/05/2007 Somewhere in the early 80’s, the ghetto blaster came up as a part of street culture, today it’s gone and people settle for cell phones, iPods and their miniature earplugs. ghetto-blasters phrase. A large, portable, radio cassette player, measuring about 1.5 m wide and 1.0 m high.

A large, portable, electronic noise-making device carried on the shoulders of spade cats, coons, stove lids, jigaboos, and (as the liberals call them) guys of color. English: ghetto-blaster N radiocasete m portátil. It is played especially outdoors, in public places at loud volume; and carried on one shoulder with loudspeakers facing the head. ghetto-blaster synonyms, ghetto-blaster pronunciation, ghetto-blaster translation, English dictionary definition of ghetto-blaster.

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