Why did you call me off of my boat only to leave me alone?
In the Bible, we see Jesus and his disciples having wine at the Last Supper (Matthew 26:27-29, see also John 19:29-30) and the Apostle Paul recommending that Timothy drink a … ... one of the earliest manuscripts we have of Christian traditions (believed to been written by the 12 Apostles in most circles) ... ” Interestingly enough, his brother, Charles Wesley, was not opposed to alcohol and would drink ale from time to time.

Did he blame himself? Hot Zone. If that is the case, then why does Jesus make alcohol?

Yes, Jesus and his apostles drank wine. Did Jesus drink wine at weddings? Had he not, the Apostle of Allah (may blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), understood that alcohol was Haram, he wouldn't have forbidden Muslims from drinking. Experts speculate what the modern-day counterpart would be, and you can try this at home, too. 6:9- 10 ; Eph. Site Usage Questions .

we have to remember that in John Chapter 2, the first miracle that Jesus performed was to turn water into wine at the wedding of Cana. General Board. Apostles Doctrine Ministry. Isn’t drinking a sin?
The use of alcohol is an issue which finds a good amount of disagreement in the Church. But in Matthew 16, Christ uses the singular "thee" when He addresses Peter saying, "I give THEE the keys to the Kingdom of heaven". In fact, alcohol is inherently good.

Wine and beer were safer to drink because the alcohol and fermentation process helped to kill dangerous microorganisms. 3:3 , 8 ). In answer to that question, 'Did Jesus drink alcohol?' Problems arise when alcohol is abused through drunkenness.

Weddings were huge parties, lasting for several days. I do wonder if Peter, in his despair, asked God “Why? Jesus was a Nazarene given He was from the town of Nazareth.

Throughout the first 1,800 years of Church history, Christians generally consumed alcoholic beverages as a common part of everyday life and used "the fruit of the vine" in their central rite—the Eucharist or Lord's Supper. (1 Tim.

... “The wine of Judea was the pure juice of the grape, without any mixture of alcohol.

Christian leaders are urged to be temperate ( 1 Tim. Is Drinking Alcohol Inherently a Sin? God created it for joyful celebration, as seen repeatedly in the Bible 1.

5:11 ; Amos 6:1, 6 ; Micah 2:11 ).

Christian Interests.

POLITICS. Those Weak in the Faith Don't Drink Wine: The Apostle Paul encourages those strong in the faith to not cause “one who is weak in the faith” to stumble by drinking wine in front of him, which would include abstaining from alcohol when an alcoholic is at the table. Some hold strongly to total abstinence, while others see nothing wrong with a moderate use of alcohol. Imbibers rarely drink just a “little,” nor do they dilute their wine with water. Wine is considered alcohol but they still drink it. In former times, sanitation was poor and water-borne illnesses such as cholera were common. In fact, wine is one of the two staples required to properly celebrate the only holiday Christ actually requires Christians to commemorate.

So, the wine drank at the Last Supper, then, might resemble the mulled wine some of us drink at Christmas. The Bible is opposed to both strong drink and drunkenness (1 Cor.

Read more A quarter of Christians do not believe in the resurrection We also know that the Nazirites are the only group who are instructed to never drink wine/alcohol (Numbers 6:1-4). Christ uses the word "you" in Matthew 18. The Curious Case of Christians and Alcohol. Why send a messiah, only to kill him?”Did Peter even question if he was Peter or if he had always just been Simon, the mediocre fisherman.

One Bible verse that clearly supports the intake of alcohol is the apostle Paul’s admonition to Timothy to drink wine for health reasons: No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments. To condone drinking of any alcohol for those who are susceptible to temptation and addiction is sin. OpenBible.com lists 75 passages from the Bible about drinking alcohol.

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