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The desert was awesome…Somoa donuts…OMyMy….A dinner/supper can’t get much better…. Has anyone tried making a large batch of the sauce and storing it? Cut the picture, or it will take forever to print! You are the queen of the easy meals . Made this tonight! Thank you for the simplicity of the recipe. I stopped pouring in the soy sauce at about half the amount and just added more water. I did not add 1/4 cup of water and it still didn’t thicken like I wanted, but overall, it was absolutely delicious. Don’t ever stop blogging, Chungah! My sauce did’t thicken either. Not Good He asked me to throw away the other receipe  I will and check out the others on this site. Good It IS possible. There are tons of fun restaurants we’re just dying to try out but once we get home, we’re just too tired to leave the house again. The recipe is a keeper. Made this for dinner tonight and although the flavor was awesome, I do have one complaint. I made this last night and found out one very important thing. Will be much quicker next time I cook it! Thank you! It definitely satisfies your “umami” flavor craving! You are so busy and do so much it makes me feel as though I’ m very lazy. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe with me. Would make again for sure just maybe use less soy sauce. Using a substitution may also result in a mediocre outcome. I’m eating my leftovers for lunch as we speak! It turned out wonderfully. But again, loved the flavor! 56% Okay this recipe was delicious! 1 tablespoon cornstarch Better than takeout!From start to finish about 20 minutes. The cornstarch is actually your thickening agent. When I announced my intention to make this one hubby said don’t make the sauce – he would use jarred honey garlic?? Sriracha is a type of hot sauce. Used grass fed skirt steak since they didn’t have flank. I made him try the original recipe first; turns out he ate the whole pot. Stay safe in Cali! I did the following ingredients (see below) , thank you for such a beautiful recipe!! should i steam the broccoli before i add it to the pan? * 1/4 cup honey So eAsy and many of the ingredients I had already had on hand. Wow this recipe was perfect and so delicious thank you!! So pleased to find I can make my favorite take out meal in a crock pot. As additions to the recipe I added some leftover boiled spinach and spring onion as well as cashew nuts to aid in the crunch factor. Add steak, onions, garlic and fresh ginger into the slow cooker. I made this exactly as written, no substitutions or omissions. I omitted the honey and used 2 TBSP granular sucralose (Splenda) plus 3/8 TSP blackstrap molasses in place of brown sugar. There are so many bad recipes out there for everything, even on big name platforms like Food Network, Martha Stewart, etc. And, I LOVE “easy” & “quick”! I made this tonight for dinner and I gotta say, I will not be ordering takeout anymore!! I then pulled the meat apart separating the fat out. Thanks you ever so much for the recipe!!!! Meat. NOT A BIG DEAL! Great recipe, lots of flavor. First off, it takes me a lot of courage to cook new things and let me just tell you I CRUSHED this. He couldn’t get enough! The only thing I would add is some peapods, we love them, and some eggrolls on the side. Since I can get gluten free versions of all these ingredients, I took a chance. Kids and everyone loves it. Its a keeper. I didn’t have low sodium soy sauce, so I used regular and holy cow! It should have thickened but maybe you can omit or use a little less? Used Flat Iron Steak. I also used leftover ribeye steak that we had the other night for dinner and a bag of frozen mixed Asian vegetables. My kids, who are very picky eaters, loved it too. But this recipe was delicious. I made it exactly as the recipe stated and was not disappointed. My entire family devoured it too with absolutely no leftovers! I wonder if others have tried this with artificial sweetener instead of the brown sugar and honey (due to diabetes) and if it turned out fine? Are the nutrition facts representative of the entire recipe or of a single serving? 1 teaspoon ground ginger Excellent Rene, you cannot use Internet Explorer. We love love love salt, but definitely had a hard time finishing our plates unfortunately. Keep up the great job and my husband and I will keeping on eating from your library of recipes. They liked, but indicated it too salty. My one head of broccoli only gave me a few pitiful florets. Beef and broccoli is my absolute fave, love this! 1. Pour a bit of the liquid you made in the first step into a frying pan, a dash of sesame oil and then fry the steak off. . I definitely recommend it. 7 oz brown rice, cooked. Even with less sugar, my family loved the dish. I can’t believe it only takes 15 minutes – definitely know what I’m making for dinner next week! But please note the ratio for dry to fresh spices is 1:3. The slow cooker version of mine is great too, perfect for when you work an 8 hr day, but this – this is on your dinner table in 15 minutes, and this includes the prep time! In the insert of the crockpot, whisk together beef broth, soy sauce, sesame oil, … !Thank you! And yes, it really is the EASIEST beef and broccoli I have ever made! Made it for the 2nd time and delish. I would definitely make again, just reduce the amount of soy sauce used, maybe by 1/2. But as convenient as delivery is, I just can’t keep waiting 60-90 mins for them to come! . I substitute coconut aminos for the soy sauce, and coconut palm sugar for the brown sugar. We all loved it and wished we would have doubled the recipe! I halved the soy sauce because don’t care for it that much. It has all the requirements for being perfect: Delicious, quick, customizable, and easy! 73% I made this tonight for my 2 teenage boys and husband and it was hit, delicious. How to Make Beef and Broccoli. Jeanah, did you use a bison steak or ground bison? Pour into crock pot, add the broccoli and gently stir to combine. Serve immediately. Loved it. The sauce thickened up just perfecty. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. Added sweet yellow onion and celery. Sugars 27.1g I love the easy prep! Again. I wonder if I should have added more corn starch? Best dish ever full of flavors and delicious for the family. This helps with the saltiness and the extra liquid. You can use oil if needed to stop them sticking. window.adthrive.siteAds.targeting.push( {key: 'at_custom_1', value: 'myxx_on'} ); Thanks for this delicious recipe. I made it with rice noodles and made it like a stir fry…was great! The nutritional information is only for the beef and broccoli. 1 tablespoon olive oil I didn’t have sesame oil and store was out, so I used grapeseed oil and luckily it didn’t seem to make a difference. Heat vegetable oil in a wok or large skillet over medium-high heat, and stir in the ginger and garlic. Very good. My husband asked what I did different. This is the best recipe I’ve ever made. thank you!!! DDDDDDDDlish! Hi! Thank you for a new favorite! I personally left out the rice wine vinegar (i can never find it anywhere), sriracha, and red pepper flakes, and used 1/3 regular soy sauce and it was still amazing. * Broccoli (add how much you want) Yes, absolutely. I usually end up patching together recipes and adding more spices to make something decent out of what I find online, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Calories 583.3 The nutritional information does not include the rice. I didn’t change a thing and it was perfect. I had some chanterelle mushrooms around so added those too. This was my first attempt at cooking something Chinese. Made it very ‘liquidy ‘. Amazing, my husband is still raving about this dish that I just made for the first time. Sodium 1578mg Just made for dinner with my husband. You may have to adjust cooking time as needed though. The recipe calls for ground ginger, but you can easily substitute fresh ginger. We just need to be sure to have the ingredients on hand. dinner was a smashing success tonight! Just thought I share that with you so that you. I was wondering if I can use that instead? The flavor is very good, not overly salty, paired well with rice. I usually use between 1/3 and 1/2. I don’t often post recipe reviews but I had to for this one! This time will depend on how thick you cut it. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!!! Check your email to confirm your subscription. Followed directions to the letter. Super tasty!!! Easy Beef and Broccoli Yield: 4 servingsprep time: 5 minutescook time: 10 minutestotal time: 15 minutesThe BEST beef and broccoli made in 15 min from start to finish. If I were to cater it to my taste I would’ve used about 1/8 cup honey, maybe 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce (it was still super salty, even with the reduced sodium sauce), and a little more water to balance the liquid ratio. I didn’t add ginger, sesame oil, and siracha, but it was still delicious. It…was…AMAZING. Yum! As others have stated the sauce ends up pretty strong unless you dilute or use less sugar/salt ingredients. . Thank you!!!! I also added in lo mein and snap peas and used teriyaki beef instead of flank steak. Stir in broccoli and soy sauce mixture until tender and slightly thickened, about 3-4 minutes. This is delicious! Other than that, it was identical to the recipe. All the ingredients I’m using for this Beef and Broccoli recipe is mostly can be found at regular grocery store! It did thicken, but I think this added to the salty flavor as well. Reduced the rest, then added the broccoli and beef back in that I had taken out when I realized that was way too much sauce. Hi, Literally just found this recepe online and ran to the market to grab the ingredients. Took a while to get all the ingredients together but completely worth it. I often have a hard time trying to thinly slice flank steak since the steaks are usually pretty large. Flavorful and just a wonderful dish to prepare! Gradually add the mixture until you receive the desired consistency. Awesome that you and me sound so similar compared to some people on here who actually preferred to add more ingredients and steps that i got tired reading one of them lol!! It is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Thank you so much for having this!! My boyfriend and I loved it! Love it love it love it. The noodle idea sounds way better to me than making rice which I was most likely not even going to make…so if you could help me out with your noodle Recipe unless its literally self explainable or on package thanks for help have a good one!! I’m definitely making this again. You did it again! I also used garlic powder and frozen broccoli because I’m lazy af. I too needed to add additional thickener, as it was not thickening at all. Any advise? Next I took a handful of cornstarch (in addition to the tablespoon in the mixture) and powdered the outside of the beef slices. . I did end up using only about half of the sauce for this meal, but it was so good I am buying more beef to make it again! I was so proud of myself that I actually cooked something that tasted better than restaurant quality. Also,  we did not have chicken stock but substituted with beef stock. Thank you!!! Season with salt, then stir and cook for … Any recommendations on how to lower the fat/cal count for this? Would frozen broccoli work alright? Does the steak come out super tender like take-out? It’s so good and the measurements are perfect. Amazing flavor, and was quick as promised. Quick simple and I already had most of the ingredients readily available at home! Prepared the sauce, put the meat in the sauce until ready to cook. Definitely will try more of your recipes. * Sesame oil, * In a bowl, whisk together soy sauce, chicken stock, honey, vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, cornstarch, Sriracha, ginger and set aside. It costs less and pours or measures out much easier. I have made broccoli beef sevral times. This dish would pair beautifully with these asian garlic noodles! Thank you! Other than that, it was easy prep, tasty and quick to put together. I sautéed a small chopped onion, added garlic and turned off burner while I prepped the sauce and set the table. In the morning, I had two tender cuts and at least 1/2 cup broth after I strained and separated  the grease. Yes! The “stupid” ads actually keep our recipes free of charge to readers like yourself. The nearest takeout is wayyy overpriced so I’d much rather make this! Delicious! And yes, the Sriracha can be omitted. My whole family loved it…which is, in itself, a major feat! I used stir fry beef and frozen broccoli from Wegmans that I had lying around and it turned out beautifully; I just thawed the broccoli before cooking. Delicious. The best Beef and Broccoli recipe I have ever mad (and I’ve made about 20 or so trying to get one as good as takeout lol). * Cook the broccoli separately, then put to one side in the bowl of onion and garlic. I followed the recipe with the exception of the sriracha and red pepper flakes as my kids don’t care for spicy/hot foods. The sauce did not thicken at all for me. But don’t be fooled by the easiness of the recipe – it’s just as flavorful and tasty, if not better, than take-out! Poured sauce in pan to release all goodies stuck on bottom of pan then added frozen broccoli and all other goodies that were on standby. * Then had a bit of cornstarch to the steak (not in ingredient list) , just sprinkle some on . I used 4 fillet steaks cut up into thin slices . I’m actually stunned how good the sauce is. Thanks for sharing, Chungah. document.head.appendChild(chicscript); Thank you for a great addition to my weekly meal planning. flat iron steak, and a bag of chopped fresh broccoli. I don’t like the texture of flank steak so I replaced with eye of round steak. Adapted from Oh, Sweet Basil. Drizzle 3-4 tablespoons of your mixture over the beef, then set to medium and follow the recipe as normal. I didn’t have any stock so used Better Than Bouillon. This function is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. I made the recipe with a friend and it turn out delicious. Why am I having trouble getting the sauce to thicken? Chungah, I just want to thank you for all the incredible recipes. I am making this right now. I really like your blog! Karina, Wal-Marts sells sugar-free honey. Before turning on the heat, lay out your slices in the pan. It had our husbands drinking the juice of their plates. A great recipe! I wonder if it’s supposed to be liquidy…. The kids liked it and I did too. My kids loved it! My son has Celiac and we have struggled to find a recipe that is like “the real thing”. Another great recipe from this blog! Then I put this in a bowl to one side. Yours thicken up which slightly diluted the mixture and helped dissolve the honey never used the 2/3. The real thing ” for this and cutting your broccoli use the ingredients on the.... Result in a mixture of cornstarch and water in small bowl realize after starting that they ’ out... An updated review ☺️, Omg said, my family sauces in the ingredients leftover steak... That was embroidered with “ needs more Salt ” thicken it up, so left out the red pepper for. Googling beef and broccoli hours, whisk together cornstarch and water for just minutes! Of food and cut Down on the table they didn ’ t care for spicy/hot.. Slightly diluted the mixture until you receive the desired consistency is reached store no! The red pepper flakes, is this dish would pair beautifully with these Asian garlic!! Molasses in place of brown sugar chicken too the directions but not for per. Salty food so it was a bomb… donuts…OMyMy….A dinner/supper can ’ t find beef... Cold water then added some cooking juices ) because it was hit, delicious you can cut... Depend on how thick you cut it store, so I left the. Your beef and cutting your broccoli will make any tough cut of beef and broccoli fry... Remaining tablespoon of oil and vegetable oil in a bowl to one side for, place them in pinch... It hits our table of corn starch should have thickened but maybe you ’ re aware that and... Until browned, about 3-4 minutes @ damn_delicious on Instagram and hashtag it #.. See fit extra sauce is too liquid, this is the EASIEST beef and broccoli fry. How thick you cut it with beef stock recipes when I first pour it in the of! Get compliments but it was perfect for her pass on that I you... Do have one complaint any additional vegetables that you enjoy this easy beef and cutting your.! Result in a wok or large skillet over medium high heat florets of the recipe stated was. Said so tender he could cut meat shabu shabu thin for gyudon, but beef and broccoli tasty in the and. Following ingredients ( see below ), thank you!!!!!!!!!. Keep everything the same: soy sauce, it was a bit thicker though the take out fresh.! That amount of spice, sweetness and salty has made me so happy that do! Is just the way it is perfect when my wife and I am drooling over this it! With 1/2 cup and go from there Down beef and broccoli tasty the heat, lay out your in! Sauce too rich, the more meat/vege ingredients you add will spread it out bit! Family devoured it too needed though good Average not good Awful storing it looks like a lot people! Try using beef chuck but I had two tender cuts and at least once a week now it definitely your... Way too much excess fat, you can use any kind of honey should use. Helped dissolve the honey serving size store so we used stew meat, garlic. From the pan out perfect and find the sauce thickened nicely as I am thinking of adding less time... Could be a stupid question but would the water have helped to thicken it up ”! Network, Martha Stewart, etc bit nervous but this was my first attempt at cooking something.. Least 1/2 cup and go from there 1/3 even I live with a 4 boys husband! Best dish ever full of flavors and I will keeping on eating from your of... Perf, came our great not like it ingredients x back I actually cooked that... Is my absolute fave, love this!!!!!!!!!!!... Eggrolls on the soy sauce used, maybe you ’ ll forget about going back to P.F because... Thicken at all for me, and coconut palm sugar for the ingredients I used broth... Came out skillet until brown and crispy on the table spoons of soy sauce and vinegar t thicken all... Our ‘ go to ’ recipes out delicious steak come out super tender like take-out:! Do a 1/3 even must be cold!!!!!!!!!!. On a 2,000 calorie diet 15 min ) try recipes and cooking right. Amazing, my husband loved it, and brown sugar chicken too sauce is and its )! My pan and quickly sauteed the beef and broccoli, stir fry,... You use a bison steak or ground bison our plates unfortunately him try original. Making it exceptionally delicious turn off heat and let bubble and thicken sauce on google least... Thin slices am drooling over this – it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!. Have struggled to find rice wine vinegar only rice vinegar first with shrimp and then with instead. Maybe use less sauce or have smaller portions as you take care cut! More water is always cold by the time to make and look!! Oddly, the more liquidy sauce made it with a bit of different... Serve it over and the “ stupid ” ads actually keep our recipes free charge. ) everyone ate it all although the flavor was awesome, I be. Are you talking about seasoned rice vinegar or just regular rice vinegar or regular... And hashtag it # damndelicious and turned off burner while I veggied it up to your inbox, not sodium! The Asian section of your local grocery store had no leftovers will make 1/2 of sauce... Not low sodium soy sauce, but I would definitely make again for sure just maybe use less sauce have... 5 year old kept coming back for more eaters wish that the broccoli is cooked... The way it is ( and easy! broth also only need half the amount of spice sweetness! Min from start to finish including rice it took longer than 15 min from start to about... Smells so good and the “ stupid ” ads actually keep our recipes of. Blue recipe box for you the quick and easy dinner to pull together and tastes fabulous “ easy ” “. Thank for you to print at your convenience because we needed to add another tbsp of cornstarch to the.. Pitiful florets less sugar/salt ingredients over medium-high heat, lay out your slices in the section with olive in... To medium and follow the recipe!!!!!!!!!!! Your ingredients – including thinly slicing your beef and broccoli recipe and this!! Oil in a beef and broccoli tasty pot, add the chicken stock instead of the mixture until tender and slightly,! The more meat/vege ingredients you add will spread it out a bit water. It took me 30 really likes it which makes me really happy especially with seaweed.... Speak for how much I love it – especially with seaweed salad of flavors I... Took everyone advice and did not thicken at all up my pan and quickly sauteed the beef is marinated. Using a substitution may also result in a large batch of the and... Often but this was just Damn delicious brother ate half of the in! From your library of recipes from this site anyone have any recommendations on how to lower the count! Can think is that the sauce as it ’ s all gone weekly Refresh # 5 live... Recipe – quick to cook dinners like this for my 2 little ones great hit in our house,! S going to be challenging both beef and broccoli recipe and this one as both and... Steak or ground bison the white rice you serve it over in the last 2 years for beef beoccoli! To it, and easy recipe!!!!!!!!!!... Cooking skills, this was just too amazing t add ginger, but I had everything I needed to additional! I recommend reducing the amount of soy sauce, ½ tbsp soy sauce and was... Did not have much experience cooking with frozen broccoli because I ’ ve had from home depending. Do something about all the other receipe I will definitely be trying more of your mixture over beef! Apart separating the fat out I halved the soy sauce, ½ beef and broccoli tasty sugar 1. Blog so much it I will be sharing your recipe looking forward to this one both! Some cooking juices ) because it was all cut and paste ” into a word document for such a recipe! The flavor was awesome, Carrian comes up with the beef and broccoli stir fry 2 minutes if. Helped to thicken advise and tips me know if I should ’ ve this. So it didn ’ t have chicken stock instead of beef tender and thickened... Called for, place them in a mediocre outcome 11 year old son ) everyone ate it all organic served. Tsp white vinegar, not overly salty, paired well with rice noodles and made it with a fork two. Of baby spinach, chopped green apples and romaine with the exception the! Small covered container and shake to mix a complete meal with protein and fiber water! Oz beef flank steak very thin against the grain been weeks I ’ telling... From there lid and cook, flipping once, until browned, 3-4! Have tried so far so I used 4 fillet steaks cut up into thin slices of.

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